Acceleration Options

Acceleration Options at RCSA Mandarin 

For the majority of students, advanced level courses will provide the learning opportunities needed for advanced students to be challenged. 

 Acceleration options allow students to earn high school credit by passing a state End of Course (EOC) exam for designated subjects. 

 Procedures for Acceleration Options 

 Parent/Guardian must complete the Request for Acceleration form 

  • The parent/guardian must meet with the School Principal or designee to review the request and student’s eligibility. 
  • If the student is eligible, the parent/guardian and student must agree to a performance contract prior to the acceleration being granted. 


 Assessment ResultsLevel 4 on the state standardized assessment instrument in  Reading and Math(previous year) 

 Annual Grade Point Average of all courses: 3.0 with at least a “B” in all core courses for the previous two years. 

 Attendance: No more than 5 absences in a period of 30 calendar days or no more than 10 absences in a period of 90 calendar days. 

 Conduct: Student’s behavior does not negatively affect his/her ability to perform academically. 

 Teacher Recommendation: A positive recommendation from the student’s current and previous grade level teachers 

  Students may earn high school credits in middle school   

  • Algebra I 
  • Geometry 
  • Biology